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Traxxon designs and manufactures a cost effective, high quality and high performance line of hydraulic drifters called the TX590 series. We offer these drifters in either a single or dual rotation motor configuration. The TX590 hydraulic drifters are ideal for both rock drilling and foundation drilling for anchors and tie backs. One of the benefits of the TX590 is a completely separate and easily removable flushing swivel assembly. This allows the use of high pressure air, grout and water to be injected through the shank adapter without the possibility of back-flushing contaminants into the hammer body of the drifter. The built-in flushing swivel assemblies reduces the overall length of the drill string while adding additional feed stroke when compared to using a separate swivel assembly. Another benefit of the TX590 is the strong and powerful rotation motor design, allowing the drilling of larger diameter tooling into many ground conditions. The TX590SR single rotation drifter has an orbital hydraulic motor for efficient hi-torque rotation and the dual TX590DR has dual opposed hydraulic motors for twice the rotation torque for even larger tooling applications. TX590SR Single Rotation Motor TX590DR Dual Rotation Motor

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Download our TX590DR Brochure

Download our TX590SR Brochure

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