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Sandvik Drilling Equipment

Sandvik recognizes that your drill rigs have to perform where you are and when you need them. Their line of surface-top-hammer and down-the-hole drill rigs deliver supreme reliability in quarrying, open pit mining and construction applications including pipeline construction.  Sandvik drilling equipment provides pure value to contractors and end-users faced with the challenges of getting their projects completed on schedule and within budget.

Sandvik Specialized Drill Rigs

Sandvik’s vision is to create the perfect drill rig for any specific drilling task.  Sandvik delivers the highest levels of efficiency and operator comfort while requiring minimal levels of service, maintenance and repair, which can ultimately reduce your costs.

Sandvik has worked with a wide range of customers and niche drilling equipment for more than 50 years.  Sandvik has harvested valuable insight from its customers and distributors over the years, and that is why they understand that their customers need a competitive advantage and not average performance.  Sandvik has learned to specialize in creating drilling equipment that perfectly matches power with precision, and they constantly refine and improve operator safety and productivity. Sandvik’s prime focus is designing the best specialized drills that perform very specific drilling jobs exceptionally well.

Service Repair for Drilling Equipment

When drilling equipment service repair is required, Sandvik has established a comprehensive dealer network which provides end users with the benefit of local knowledge and responsive action for quick turnaround.  At Traxxon, we’re confident that we can deliver this unbeatable technology and work with you locally to keep your overheads and operating costs as low as possible.  Traxxon delivers Sandvik quality and local experience and expertise.

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From Our Customers

“When I started my blasting company in 2006, one of my first phone calls was to Barry Davis at Traxxon to get pricing and info on rock drills. With so many choices for drill rigs in the marketplace, one of my biggest concerns was product support and service. Knowing that there was a local support team in place, I chose Tamrock/Sandvik for my first drill. 10 years later and I now have 3 Tamrock/Sandvik drills as well as compressors, hand drills and a Darda Rock Splitter.”

– Tim Eliason Coyote Drilling & Blasting Ltd.

Top Hammer Rock Drill Rigs

Down The Hole Rock Drill Rigs

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