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Bringing unmatched European quality to the rock drilling scene, Traxxon is proud to be an official Comacchio and Delmag distributor in Canada. Comacchio has over 30 years of expertise, a long history of tailor-made client solutions, innovation, and quality; while Delmag has been offering robust, reliable, and world-renowned drilling rigs since the 1960’s.

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we are the dealer for Comacchio, ABI, and Delmag

Service Repair for Drilling Equipment

When drilling equipment service repair is required, Traxxon has your back. We keep parts and service manuals in house for each unit sold and are committed to supporting you with any technical issue. Our technicians are available to help over the phone or in-person. At Traxxon, we’re confident that we can deliver this unbeatable technology and work with you locally to keep your overheads and operating costs as low as possible. Traxxon delivers Comacchio and Dalmag’s European quality and local experience and expertise.

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