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“Our strength is in our family of dust collectors!”  Serving the rock drill industry since 1991, QMP offers the best selection of dust collection systems available in the marketplace today.  Dedication to smarter fabrication techniques and experience in the rock drilling industry has enabled QMP Dust Systems to excel when it comes to dust collection.

QMP specializes in application specific design systems for OEM’s.  Our experience includes working with major OEM manufacturers, such as Atlas Copco Drilling Solutions & Ingersoll Rand Rock Drills.

Dust Collector Cabinets

QMP offers dust collector cabinet model designs from 15CFM to 8000CFM.  Most models include timed, pneumatic self-cleaning filters. Units are designed with accessibility for routine maintenance and easy to replace slide out filters.

Dust Hoods

QMP’s dust hoods are offered in many different models and sizes. Depending on your requirements, we can match up the right product to fit your needs.


Our lineup of Pre-Separators are a very versatile. They can be used to fit many applications. They are an economical solution to remove 65% to 90% of the cuttings using centrifugal force to spin the air flow so that the media holds to the outside and drops to the bottom while the finer air continues through the center outlet. Modularly built for quick replacement of wear parts. Specific mounting requirements and stands are available.

Custom / Retrofit

QMP offers product designs for multiple applications and we can customize your order to specifically match your application.  If you have specific requirements, we have the ability to work with you to meet your design criteria.

We also offer retrofit services for your existing applications.  If you have a design and want us to produce your dust collector and ship as a private label, no problem.


Traxxon is the QMP dealer for Western Canada.

Manufacturer’s link: http://www.qmpdustsystems.com

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