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At Traxxon, our first step is to thoroughly understand our customer’s challenges and problems when completing their rock drilling project. As no rock drilling project is identical, our experience in the rock drilling industry allows us to develop the most cost efficient and simplest solution. Our seasoned professionals ask the right questions to gather the right answer to form the ideal rock excavation solution for our customers. Our solutions will always put safety as the number one priority parallel with our customer’s satisfaction.

The Traxxon Process:

Step 1: Understanding Customer’s Challenge

Step 2: Identifying Possible Solutions

Step 3: Collaborating with the Customer

Step 4: Design & Create Custom Rock Drills or Solution

Step 5: Client Problem Solved

Rock Drilling Equipment Service, Maintenance & Training

Our commitment does not simply end after developing a custom rock drill. We will train our customers on how to use the drilling equipment safely and correctly so the work gets done as expected. We educate our customers to do their own maintenance and repairs. However, if customers prefer Traxxon to take care of the servicing and repairs, we are more than happy to do so. Training customers is one of our specialities and we love to share what works.

Influence through Innovation and Collaboration with our Customers

At Traxxon, we have a long history of designing and manufacturing custom rock drills but our success would not have happened without the collaboration with our customers. We listened to our customers to develop the ultimate excavator drill attachment, the T.Rex. We have designed it to work and we’ve built it to last. We didn’t invent the concept of a drill attachment but we have improved it immensely by listening to the folks who use them. We make sure we use only high quality components to provide long lasting performance. T.Rex is totally customizable to match exact requirements. Please see our products page to learn more about how we positively influence production and profitability on drilling projects.

Superior Value through Superior Knowledge

Traxxon’s many years of experience has allowed us to understand the different needs of our clients. We have customers around the world and we travel to sites in remote regions and in harsh climates all the time. We are prepared for any tough and unique drilling challenges and so are our drills.

Higher Performance through Higher Quality

Price is what you pay but value is what you get. The rock tools we build are built with quality at top of mind. Our rock drilling product list is made up of carefully chosen quality tools from the world’s most reliable manufacturers. Every piece of equipment in our inventory was carefully selected by us because of the way it is designed, performs and endures but most importantly the way it is supported. It all represents quality and a commitment to performance and durability. Because we understand the industry environment, and the challenges, we double up by factory training our own technicians and we keep a multi-million dollar inventory of spare parts and tools in stock on our own shelves ready to go when and where you need them. We expand our product list from time to time to match the growth and needs of our customers so their businesses can grow bigger be more profitable and run better.




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