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CC300 Concrete Crusher

The CC300 Tehma portable handheld hydraulic concrete crusher demolishes quickly and accurately reinforced concrete structures and objects, bricks and stones walls, masonries, ceilings, pillars, stairways and every concrete section up to 250 mm (R = 325 kg / cm2). The extreme power allows to demolish without generating dangerous percussions and vibrations that usually damage the structures. The interchangeable tips ensure the best performance and long life to the jaws.

Manufacturer’s link: https://tehma.ch/en/handheld-hydraulic-concrete-crusher-manual-demolition/


Combi Shear Spreader Cutters

Solid and handy, Tehma handheld hydraulic combi shear spreader cutters can easily stand the heavy duty uses of the demolition and represent an optimal completion of the SP400 Tehma hydraulic concrete and rock splitter. Their versatility and performance also make them indispensable allies for industrial, recycling, car demolition and rescue. They are portable handheld tools with interchangeable duckbill blades designed for rapid cutting of profiled metal structures.

Manufacturer’s link: https://tehma.ch/en/handheld-hydraulic-combi-shear-spreader-cutter/

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