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Your biggest drilling project just got easier. Overcome any obstacles with rock drilling solutions from Traxxon Rock Drilling, specifically designed to accommodate the most complex rock drilling projects.

In your world, it’s rock versus steel. Traxxon’s drills give steel the advantage through collaborative designs built from working with people like you, who execute large-scale drilling projects and require the best. Our customers talk and we listen, because things work better that way.

Built with the highest-quality components and materials, Traxxon’s rock drilling attachments are creative, practical, and safe for your contractors to use. Are you ready to take your rock drilling project to the next level? Get started by filling out the contact form above – we have custom solution that works for you.

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From Our Customers

“In the past 10 years, we have purchased a Tamrock Commando 120 Drill, 2 Ranger 800 Drills, 3 Traxxon TR-EX 2000 Excavator Rock Drill Attachments, and 2 TR-EX 1000 Excavator Rock Drill Attachments. We have also rented equipment.

Traxxon Rock Drills’ employees go above and beyond, to ensure minimal down time on the job site. With experienced mechanics, parts sent out that day, field mechanics on-site within 24hrs if needed, and on call technical support is always available.

We highly recommend Traxxon Rock Drills Ltd., for you one-stop-shop on all drill equipment, parts and service.”

– Dale MacLean, Jock’s Blasting & Son Ltd.

Rock Drilling Attachments for Complex Drilling Projects

The solutions that we design and build enable contractors to overcome obstacles and solve the problems they face on complex drilling projects. Our designs are creative, practical, safe and realistic. They work because industry experts like you have helped with their design. We take the ideas of our customers to the next level by using the highest quality components and materials available to build our products.

In your world it’s rock versus steel, but we’ve given steel the advantage through collaborative design born from real life experience. We don’t design and build drills in a vacuum, because that’s not where they work. Our customers talk and we listen, because things just work better that way. At Traxxon, we realize it doesn’t matter what we think about our products. It all comes down to what customers like you think.

We Work to Build What’s Right for You

You understand value and our goal is to deliver it. We work to build what’s right for you, deliver it when you need it and for a price you are willing to pay for it. Because you understand the value it brings to your business.

Our T.rex drill attachment is a great example of how this works. We did not create the concept of an attachment coupled to an excavator for the purpose of drilling rock. Someone else deserves the credit for that. It’s a revolutionary idea. So, we ran with it and designed a high-quality, reliable and purpose-built attachment that provides our customers with the greater reach that an excavator provides over a purpose-built drill carrier. These aren’t for everyone, but if you could turn extra reach into a competitive advantage, why wouldn’t you?

As mentioned, we take no credit for starting the revolution, but we have gone a long, long way making it work properly. Determined early adopters who loved the concept but were frustrated by poor design and sub-par quality in materials and workmanship came to Traxxon looking for help. We listened and learned to pinpoint the weaknesses of existing attachments and then started to work on building a much, much better mousetrap. We altered the design, made it safer and more user friendly and used components and materials that had already been proven effective and durable in drilling applications. There are other options besides Traxxon for rock drill attachments, but none provide the same level of value to those who depend on day-in and day-out performance.

We understand just how rugged the application is and because of this we have developed an ultra-responsive service support team and maintain a large inventory of parts that are always ready to go. Getting folks and parts in and out of remote locations is our specialty and nobody beats our service.

Please explore and learn more about our own creations, designed and built by professionals for professionals. We have been building drilling solutions since 1963. Call us today to find out how Traxxon can make you money, save you money and solve your drilling problems.

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