Our Core Values & Purpose

Our Customer Promise

“We are the gold standard for customer service. We are determined to create positive outcomes – every single customer, every single day.”

We believe everything starts and ends with our customers. We believe that the first step in any successful project is to understand our client’s challenges and then by helping them to achieve their project schedules and budgets. Our role is support, rock solid support.

We are committed to training our customers so that the tools we build and sell will be used effectively, safely and productively for their intended purpose and to help their business to grow bigger and be more profitable.

To Our Employees

We believe in hiring great people who are the magic of this company.

We value the importance of employee growth, learning and experience. We believe that every member of our team must attain their career goals through vigorous training and unparalleled support.

To Our Team

We believe in fundamental principles that guide us through every decision we make and every action we take. If it isn’t core then it doesn’t belong. These are the things that are non-negotiable. They are carved in stone – tried, tested and true.

We honour integrity. There is always a way to win without doing evil. Even when nobody’s watching.

We deeply appreciate respect. We can never receive more than we give. We support and admire, effort, excellence, happiness and trust.

We have passion. It’s like a warrior spirit. We play to win and that gives us the burning desire to do our best, to be courageous and to act with a sense of urgency and perseverance.

We are all about serving. It’s like a primal instinct, we care. Customers talk. We listen. We deliver. Service is our cornerstone, our foundation and the key to survival.

We collaborate and do great things together. The best team wins and winning is fun. We’re always up for a challenge.

We cultivate growth and development. We are totally committed to continuous improvement and we understand that good is the enemy of great. It’s okay to be great, it’s what we are driven to always be.

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Traxxon Rock Drills Ltd.

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