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Since 1978 CME has designed, manufactured and implemented countless grinding systems for professional rock drilling operations around the world. We have embraced a philosophy of continuous innovation and development combined with a determined work ethic in order to serve clients ranging from small, budget-sensitive companies to large-scale operations in remote locations. Every solution we provide – regardless of size or scope – is built on the foundation of one simple truth: proper care and maintenance of your drill bits and cutters just makes good economic sense.

CME Bit Sharpeners

CME manufactures a wide variety, including hand-held, of semi-automatic button bit grinding systems, but our product offering is only one component of the value we aim to provide. Our objective for each and every customer solution is to reduce drilling costs by maximizing efficiency, establishing effective processes and executing a strategic plan for the care and maintenance of the drilling equipment.

  • The approximate cost of maintaining the performance of a drill bit is only 2% of the total drilling cost.
  • Use of CME’s grinding systems in combination with a comprehensive, regular maintenance plan can reduce your overall drilling costs by up to 40%.
  • A CME grinding system can restore your carbide button bits to near-new condition, increasing your net penetration by as much as 35%.

CME grinding systems are capable of restoring the profile of tungsten carbide tips on any type of button bit, including DTH bits, threaded, and raise bore cutters. Every grinding system we supply is designed with one fundamental principle in mind: to get the job done quickly and efficiently with the highest degree of precision. We sell standard models of grinders. We have a broad range of models to accommodate virtually any requirement, including:

  • Size: from smaller 35mm (1 3/8″) bits to oversized 1100mm (43″) bits.
  • Environment: from small operations to large-scale production environments and remote locations including underground and surface drilling, and mobile grinding stations.
  • Budget: economical solutions are available for budget sensitive operations that require small diameter drill bits and/or low volumes.
  • Mounting: CME systems can be rig mounted or stationary.
  • Operation: hydraulic, pneumatic or electric options are all available.


Traxxon is an authorized CME dealer for Western Canada.


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