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Atlas Copco offers an extensive line of portable air compressors to meet the requirements of the drilling industry. These air compressors are designed and manufactured to be high performance, reliable and efficient. The Atlas Copco product range covers air pressures from 100 to 510 PSIG, and air volumes from 185 to 2,000CFM.

Below is a list of the most common portable air compressors that we carry:

XAS 185: 185CFM X 100PSI

XATS 250: 250CFM X 150PSI

XATS 400: 400CFM X 150PSI

XAVS 650: 650CFM X 200PSI

XATS 750: 750CFM X 150PSI

XAS 850: 850CFM X 100PSI

XATS 1050: 1050CFM X 150PSI

XRVS 1000: 1000CFM X 365PSI

Traxxon is an Atlas Copco Construction Products dealer for Western Canada.

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