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Equipment & Accessories

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Bringing unmatched European quality to the rock drilling scene, Traxxon is proud to be an official Comacchio, ABI, and Delmag distributor in Canada. Comacchio has over 30 years of expertise, a long history of tailor-made client solutions, innovation, and quality; while ABI/Delmag has been offering robust, reliable, and world-renowned drilling rigs since the 1960’s.

Rock drills are the heartbeat of precision in drilling, blasting, and quarrying operations. These mighty tools are designed to create holes with pinpoint accuracy for placing explosives in rock blasting or for plug and feather quarrying techniques.

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Discover our energy efficient industrial air compressors with the lowest life cycle cost. Get in touch with our experts and choose the most cost efficient solution for your needs.


Your biggest drilling project just got easier. Overcome any obstacles with rock drilling solutions from Traxxon Rock Drilling, specifically designed to accommodate the most complex rock drilling projects.

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Parts & Accessories

Parts & Acc

Handheld hydraulic concrete and rock splitters are a portable tool developed for cutting rocks and controlled demolitions. Activated by one single operator, they demolish easily and quickly ensuring clean operations without dust, percussions, but above all without noise and vibrations.

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Bits and cutters are fitted with carbide buttons that have carefully selected profiles that contribute to optimum penetration levels for various drilling conditions. In order to crush rock effectively it is imperative to maintain a precise button protrusion and button profile for each carbide tip.


Traxxon expertly handles dust collectors by providing a range of cabinet model designs from 15CFM to 8000CFM. These models are equipped with timed pneumatic self-cleaning filters for efficient operation.

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Traxxon's TX590 hydraulic drifters, available in single or dual rotation, feature a unique flushing swivel for contaminant-free drilling. Their powerful motors handle large tooling efficiently, making them ideal for diverse ground conditions.


Tooling & Consumables

Tooling & Consumables

Top hammer drilling tools efficiently transmit impact power to the rock, minimizing energy loss. This leads to enhanced production, reduced maintenance and sustainable operations.


Kelly drilling belongs to the most common dry rotary drilling methods and is used for the production of bored piles with a large diameter. The process is suitable for nearly all types of soil and rock. 


Down-the-hole (DTH) drilling tools enhance productivity and sustainability while lowering operation costs and emissions. Sandvik’s collaborative approach with customers helps us maximize drilling outcomes and elevate the drilling experience.


Whether generating and transmitting energy, reducing or transmitting driving forces, generating cooling or compressed air, or for machine tool applications and in many other areas of production, industrial lubricants have a key task to perform.

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