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Rock Tools

Top hammer drilling tools efficiently transmit impact power to the rock, minimizing energy loss. This leads to enhanced production, reduced maintenance and sustainable operations.

Sandvik Rock Tools
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Sandvik Top hammer drill bits offer extended wear life, higher penetration rates, straighter holes and longer bit life. Threaded button bits use a proprietary grade of cemented carbide throughout and range from 28 - 152 mm in diameter. Various button shapes (spherical, semi-ballistic, and conical) and skirt designs (regular or retrac) deliver optimal performance in different rock formations.

High-quality drill rods are crafted from premium alloy steel and offered in hexagonal and round configurations. These rods are engineered to provide straighter holes with minimal deviation and extended service life.

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Top hammer shank adapters are engineered to withstand extreme stress. They transmit impact energy from the rock-drill piston and rotation torque into the drill string without energy loss.

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Top hammer integral drill steel has high fatigue strength and durability. It offers the highest wear resistance for an efficient and economical drilling operation.

Sandvik Alpha™ 340 is an advanced development based on the popular Sandvik Alpha™ system. It replaces the successful Alpha™ 330 thread system and offers up to 30% longer service life, resulting in increased productivity and reduced cost per meter advanced.

Sandvik Alpha™ 360 is an addition to the unique Sandvik Alpha™ system. Its robust design offers double the lifespan compared to industry standard solutions, making it suitable for various drilling conditions. It combines durability with precise hole accuracy, resulting in increased productivity for tunneling and mine development.


LT90 rock tools form part of the Top Hammer XL system. These tools offer seamless integration and enhanced performance, delivering effective drilling for blast holes ranging from 140 to 178 mm (5.5 to 7 in.).

CT55 and CT67 curved thread systems are designed for surface mining and quarrying. These systems accommodate higher drilling power than standard and feature a curved profile that reduces stress levels strategically while optimizing the product for fatigue strength.

The curved thread system really makes a difference in long hole drilling. With CT67 you get a predictable performance without interruptions, as well as trouble-free coupling and uncoupling at lower cost per meter.

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