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DTH Hammer

Down-the-hole (DTH) drilling tools enhance productivity and sustainability while lowering operation costs and emissions. Sandvik’s collaborative approach with customers helps us maximize drilling outcomes and elevate the drilling experience.

Sandvik Top Hammer
DTH Bits_edited.jpg
Down the hole drill pipes_edited.jpg

Sandvik DTH hammers combine intensive impact power with low energy loss and reduced fuel consumption. They offer good rock breakage, high penetration rates, long service life and optimized productivity.

DTH Drill Bits are designed to make operations easier by drilling further, whatever the conditions. They have optimized head length with maximized steel support for the cemented carbide buttons, deep face grooves for excellent flushing and an aggressive cutting structure.  

Down-the-hole drilling pipes are engineered with cold-drawn seamless tubing material N80 to ensure straightness, thickness and high strength for a smoother drilling process and longer service life. This line of drill pipes provides increased compatibility between rigs and tools.  

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