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Foundation Equipment 

Traxxon brings exceptional European quality to foundation drilling as an official distributor of Comacchio, ABI and Delmag in Canada.

Comacchio, with over 30 years of expertise, is known for tailor-made solutions, innovation, and quality, while ABI and Delmag have a longstanding reputation for robust and reliable drilling rigs since the 1960s.

ABI Gruppe
TM20_Auswahl_Nberg (5).jpg
TM22_Auswahl_Nberg (2).jpg

The MOBILRAM TM 14/17 V is used for light and medium-duty piling and drilling works. One of the main advantages of the box leader mast design is its high torsional stiffness combined with a relatively low transport weight. The TM 14/17 V is available on two carriers: an SR 30 or SR 35.

The MOBILRAM-System TM 20 is a machine of the "mast in mast" generation. The telescopic leader mast is connected to the carrier machine with parallelogram kinematics. The TM 20 combines the advantages of the smaller TM 17 with a longer usable length.

The ABI MOBILRAM-System TM 22 was the first model of the "mast im mast" leader generation and combines feedback from construction sites and years of experience in design of special civil engineering machines. The powerful machine can be used in almost all areas of special civil engineering. With its efficient engine technology and reduced use of materials, the machine also makes a valuable contribution to environmental protection.

The ABI MOBILRAM TM 26 is the biggest telescopic leader mast with a usable length of approx. 26 metres. The machine is mounted on the SR 45 carrier with HD-plus kinematics. Due to the large number of compatible attachments, the TM 26 can cover a wide range of special civil engineering methods. It is ideally suited for inserting very long pile elements as well as for drilling and mixing processes.

Baggeranbau_HVR_Galerie (2).jpg
Baggeranbau_BA_Galerie (3).jpg

The HVR vibrator is an attachment tool for hydraulic excavators with buckets or grabs. The HVR is mounted on the stick of an excavator and driven by its hydraulics. With a low and compact design, the vibrator is perfect for smaller projects and enables driving and extracting of steel sheet piles, trench piles, steel profiles, beams, pipes and full displacement profiles. Experience top performance and efficiency in a compact tool!

ABI excavator mounted auger drives are designed as an attachment for hydraulic excavators. They can be mounted on the stick either via an adapter or via a quick coupler. The BA is the ideal solution for a wide range of applications. Procedures such as pre-drilling, exploratory and injection drilling as well as well drilling and much more can be carried out with the BA auger drive. The excavator mounted auger drive is available as an efficient solution for smaller construction projects.

commacchio mc 4 d
MC 8 D.jpeg
MC9 4733.jpg

The MC 4 D is a hydraulic drilling rig with separate power pack, specifically designed for the execution of ground engineering works in confined or low overhead spaces and difficult access jobsites, inside buildings, basements and small tunnels. 

The MC 8D is a versatile and powerful hydraulic drilling rig, designed for civil engineering works such as micropiles, anchors and ground improvement in general through the use of all rotary and/or rotary- percussive drilling systems. 

The MC 9 is a versatile and powerful hydraulic drilling rig designed for foundation and ground improvement applications with the use of all rotary and/or rotary-percussion drilling systems.

Born in 2008, the MC 14 is a high performance hydraulic drilling rig designed for civil engineering works such as micropiles, anchors and general ground improvements. In 2021 the rig has gone through a ground up redevelopment process based on the introduction of a new patented undercarriage. 

MC 15P (4).jpg

The MC 15 P is a "multipurpose" machine that can carry out any type of foundation and soil consolidation drilling project, from micro-piles to jet grouting, as well as anchors and soil nailing.

The MC 22 is the iconic rig of the Comacchio fleet. Conceived in 1997, the MC 22 was the first drilling rig equipped with the innovative Comacchio mast articulation system.

The MC 22A is the new MC 22 drill rig version featuring the innovative hydraulic rod & casing carousel. The machine is completely remote controlled, thanks to the unique Comacchio radio control system, which allows you to manage not only the tramming, drilling and machine set-up functions, but also to operate the hydraulic rod & casing carousel.

Born as the heavy duty version of the MC 22, the MC 28 is the optimal solution to take on particularly heavy works even when space is limited. Equipped with a 225 kW engine, the MC 28 has a robust structure and is fitted with a 14 ton mast and reinforced clamps.


Excavator class: 15 Ton

Retract Force: 2.500 daN

Weight: 1,500 - 1,600 kg

Clamp Range: 45 - 170 mm

Excavator class: 14 - 15 Ton

Retract Force: 3.500 daN

Weight: 2,300 - 2,500 kg

Clamp Range: 45 - 220 mm

Excavator class: 18 - 20 Ton

Retract Force: 5.00 daN

Weight: 2,500 - 3,500 kg

Clamp Range: 45 - 325 mm

Excavator class:  35-36 Ton

Retract Force: 8.00 daN

Weight: 9,000 - 10,000 kg

Clamp Range: 45 - 435 mm

CH 650.jpeg

The rods and casings handling device mountable on excavators CPH was especially designed to eliminate the need of manual handling of drilling tools on job site, offering great advantages in terms of productivity and safety. 

The design of the CH 150 is based on the use of an excavator base carrier (in the 8-10 tons weight class) equipped with a modular drilling mast and a multipurpose rotary head. 

The CH 450 is the first Comacchio drilling rig for large diameter drilling. The CH 450 is the ideal solution for job sites that require fast operating times. The machine is totally self-erecting, and can be transported in one piece with the kelly mounted.

The CH 650 is a multipurpose drilling rig mounted on a dedicated excavator carrier with an operating weight of 70 tons. The rig is self-erecting and can be transported with minor disassembly of the machine, thus allowing for easy and fast rig-up. 

DelmagRH34_Auswahl_Nberg (4).jpg

The RH 20 rotary drilling rig can be used for a wide range of applications. In addition to Kelly drilling and drilling with an endless auger, the RH 20 can also be used for VDW drilling. The transport with attached kelly drilling drive and kelly bar is another plus point, which means that the rotary drilling rig is quickly ready for use on the construction site. For projects with limited headroom, the RH 20 can be converted into a short leader version.

DELMAG RH 27 drill rig is suitable for the production of cased and uncased boreholes as well as for partial and full displacement piles. The machine is a small modification miracle, as it can be converted into four short leader mast versions with different heights. The standard height of just about 23 metres can be reduced to just under 10 metres in the shortest leader mast version. The rotary head is mounted quickly and safely using the Docking-System.

The RH 34 drill rig is mounted on ABI's own T80 carrier. In addition to the classic drilling methods such as Kelly drilling, drilling with continuous flight auger, partial and full displacement augers, the RH 34 can also be used for soil mixing and impacting methods. For impacting, a DELMAG diesel pile hammer is attached and the leader mast of the drill rig serves as a guide.

RH 38 is a DELMAG drill rig mounted on the company's own ABI T100 carrier. It is robust, reliable and suitable for the production of cased and uncased boreholes using the Kelly drilling method, for drilling with continuous flight auger, partial and full displacement augers or also for various soil mixing methods. In addition to drilling and mixing methods, the RH 38 can also be used for impacting with a DELMAG diesel pile hammer.


RH 44 - a large machine for large tasks. The powerful machine is built on ABI's own T110 carrier and is used for drilling large-diameter holes and for drilling to great depths. In addition to the rotary head, a VDW double auger head system can also be operated on the RH 44. The robust leader mast absorbs forces excellently and offers a high degree of stability.

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