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Rock Drilling Services



Drifter Rebuild

Regularly resealing drifters is crucial for extending drill life and minimizing downtime. We advise scheduling proactive maintenance, available both onsite and in-house. Our offerings include seal kits for hydraulic drifters and high-quality OEM parts for lasting durability and performance assurance.

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Technical Support

Drills require unique care, and we're here to help keep your projects efficient. We provide technical support, access to manuals, remote troubleshooting, and in-shop and on-site assistance. Our expertise in adjustments and 3D design tools ensures tailored solutions for optimal performance.


Component Rebuilds

We provide 24/7 support and service for industrial drilling equipment, prioritizing quick and efficient responses to all customer needs, whether onsite or in our facility. Our expert technicians specialize in repairing drill rigs, conducting machine rebuilds, and servicing various types of drills and related equipment.

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Training customers on equipment operation and maintenance is our top priority. Safety and maximizing tool efficiency are key. We offer comprehensive training for operators, mechanics, technicians, and support staff, drawing from our years of experience. Training sessions can be conducted in classrooms or on-site for practical learning.



Traxxon brings extensive experience to crafting custom, high-performance drilling equipment that meets unique requirements. Our expertise in mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic design allows us to produce entire industrial systems internally. With SolidWorks software, we offer advanced 3D CAD design services, ensuring meticulous quality control inspections to uphold superior standards in quality, performance, and craftsmanship across all our engineered products.

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Consulting Solutions

We begin by deeply understanding our customers' challenges in drilling projects. Leveraging our vast experience in the industry, we tailor cost-effective solutions that prioritize safety and simplicity. Our seasoned professionals ask the right questions to craft ideal solutions, ensuring customer satisfaction and safety remain top priorities.



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Everyone knows that drills are unlike any other construction equipment. We understand they require a lot of attention, and we can provide the technical support needed to get your project completed on time and on budget. We provide all levels of training for operators, mechanics and technicians or support staff. Our training covers our knowledge from years of experience and can be held in a classroom or on the jobsite.

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On-Site Service

We understand how climate, geography, altitude and ground conditions come into play. However, with years of experience, we can guide you in making adjustments to your settings for best productions. We offer 24/7 support and service for all types of industrial drilling equipment and related products – whether service is done in our facility or on the field. Our customers are important to us and we are dedicated to addressing their needs responsively and efficiently, anytime and anywhere.

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