Pipelines are an essential part of our daily lives, a network supporting everyday activities through the movement of energy resources. More than 70% of energy Canadians use is supplied by oil or gas, and the majority of that is delivered through pipelines. Pipelines are one of the most important industries in Canada not only providing energy across the nation, but also providing jobs and stimulating economic growth.

For 20 years, Traxxon has been designing and building rock drilling solutions to the construction industry while being an active associate member of the International Society of Explosive Engineers. In order to construct a pipeline, there must be drilling equipment to pave the right-of-way during the pre-construction phase.

This is where we come in. A necessary tool to perform such an arduous task is the TR-EX 2000, an excavator mounted drill attachment that is designed specifically for an application of pipeline constructions. The main purpose of the TR-EX 2000 is the drilling of holes in rocks for explosives to blast and the installation of rock anchors and other forms of geotechnical ground control. The TR-EX 2000 is a specialized product centered around our customers’ needs and applications, built to be dependable, rugged, and versatile. The process of a pipeline construction is not always in an ideal location, that is why the excellent drilling geometry, reach of the excavator’s boom, and quick setup times between holes are perfectly provided by the TR-EX 2000. Furthermore, the TR-EX 2000 is built with the operator’s safety in mind, allowing the operation of drilling to be of minimal movement and more cost-efficient than a dedicated drill rig.

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