Roads connect people and are of vital importance to the growth and economic development of any nation. It’s a simple fact of modern life. In order to maintain relations between businesses and communities, forest roads are necessary to connect even the most remote parts to the busiest.

Traxxon has been supplying rock drilling options to the logging industry since the early 1960’s while being an active associate member and supporter of the Truck Loggers Logging Association. With decades worth of experience in the manufacturing and production of drilling equipment under our belts, you can be rest assured we deliver the gold standard for customer service.

Due to the nature of the environment, whether it’s a gentle or steep slope, the TR-EX 2000 is designed to perform at almost any angle required while pioneering the capability of the excavator and boom for ease of access. The main purpose of the TR-EX 2000 is the drilling of holes in rocks for explosives to blast and the installation of rock anchors and other forms of geotechnical ground control. The TR-EX 2000 is a specialized product centered around our customers’ needs and applications, built to be dependable, rugged, and versatile. The process of a logging road construction is not always in an ideal location, that is why the excellent drilling geometry, reach of the excavator’s boom, and quick setup times between holes are perfectly provided by the TR-EX 2000. Keeping the minimization of erosion potential and costs in mind, the TR-EX 2000 is optimal for such a task. In addition, the TR-EX 2000 is built with the operator’s safety in mind, allowing the operation of drilling to be of minimal movement and more cost-efficient than a dedicated drill rig.

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