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Who we are:

Traxxon Rock Drills is a highly specialized manufacturer and distributor of only the highest quality products and services available to the rock drilling industry.

What we do:

Our goal is to help our customers and you build better places for folks to live, work and play anytime they need to be carved from solid rock.  That’s tough work, so we take the time to listen so we can understand your business goals and the problems that get in your way.  Forty years of boots on the ground experience has taught us that drillers need quality tools and equipment that are designed correctly, they need training and information to help them choose and use them correctly and they need highly trained expert technicians who can service and repair them regardless of where they are.  We do our best work when you depend on us the most, the rest of the time we spend learning about how and what to improve.  Our job is to help you folks turn NOT POSSIBLE into NOW POSSIBLE.

Why we do it:

We do it because we have what it takes to do it properly.  Our customers are our heroes.  We truly love to see how the foundations for better communities materialize from solid rock.  Anyone can do the easy work but honestly that would bore us to tears.  Our objective is to deliver what you want and what you need, get it there when you need it so your business can grow intelligently, run smoother and be more profitable.  The things we need to do in order to be successful are all the things we need to do for you so you can be successful, that’s how things work in this business. Please explore our website for what we hope is useful information.  You can contact us anytime for more information and we are always happy to answer questions and explore ideas.  You talk, we’ll listen.

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About Us

Traxxon is a highly motivated team of drilling industry experts.  We combine our collective experience, knowledge and innovative thinking in a way that allows for our customers to complete complex drilling projects more effectively, more conveniently and more affordably.

We are the “Drill Guys” (and gals), and we look forward to serving you.

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